Exhibition at the “Tag der Bildungsvielfalt”
Saturday, 15. October 2005, 18:48 Uhr

In the afternoon of 6 October, 2005 “Mine-eX” presented themselves as an independent students` organisation of the Freie Waldorfschule Schwäbisch Hall and the Freie Waldorfschule Engelberg at the “Tag der Bildungsvielfalt” (“Day of Educational Diversity”) of the Freie Waldorfschulen in the Liederhalle Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg.

We introduced our organisation with the help of an imitated minefield and a very extensive exhibition, and the members of our organisation answered questions asked on the spot.

New contacts could be established and, again, money was donated to us.

It was a really successful day, not only for the presentation of the individual schools

“Mine-eX” de-mines about 10,000 m²
Wednesday, 15. June 2005, 18:47 Uhr

In spring 2005 the third de-mining project was instructed by “Mine-eX”. NPA (Norwegian People`s Aid) obtained the contract over 11,000 € for an area of about 10,000 m².
The area chosen required a manual de-mining and 11 Bosnian de-miners executed the order within ca. 4 weeks. This area (www.npa-bosnia.org/operations.htm) was part of the former front line on the slopes of Sarajevo.

(For further information about NPA consult www.npa-bosnia.org)

Exhibition and charity performance of “Circus Compostelli” at the “Bundesdelegiertentagung der Freien Waldorfschulen”.
Saturday, 15. January 2005, 18:46 Uhr

For full two days it was possible (dates given above) to obtain information about the problems with mines in Bosnia. An imitated minefield and live recordings from Sarajevo and the surrounding area showed the conditions, circumstances and problems Bosnian people have to cope with today.

On Saturday evening “Circus Compostelli” gave its performance . Juggling, twist- and-spin acrobatics, tightrope act and shows in black light were parts of the programme. The enthralling performance lasted nearly two hours. The proceeds of this evening will go to the de-mining of Sarajevo Easter 2005. Many thanks to the performers of “Circus Compostelli”, whose support makes it possible to de-mine another area of 400 m2.