“Uni-Bigband Stuttgart” performs for “Mine-eX”
Tuesday, 20. July 2004, 18:46 Uhr

On 16 July, 2004 “Mine-eX” organised a big charity concert at the Freie Waldorfschule Engelberg. The concert was performed by “Uni-Bigband Stuttgart” playing a wide range of jazz, funk, rock and Latin, conducted by Frederic Rabold.

During the breaks of he programme (four hours long) an exhibition offered the guests the chance of learning a lot about the historical background of the Bosnian War, mines and problems connected with them, and, last but not least, about the work of “Mine-eX”.

Furthermore, the willing support of firms, such as “Getränke Epp”, “Bäckerei Hetzinger” and “Beutelsbacher Fruchtsäfte” all of them providing a rich and substantial buffet. We owe, of course, the “Uni-Bigband Stuttgart” a particular debt of gratitude !

In this way, the concert combined business with pleasure and, at the end of the event, we were very glad about the proceeds of more than 1,000 €, which will be invested in another de-mining project.

Uni BigBand Stuttgart

“Mine-eX” is awarded first prize at a contest throughout Germany in Berlin
Sunday, 20. June 2004, 18:44 Uhr

Young people take responsibility” this was the topic of the contest throughout Germany initiated by the “Brandenburger Tor” Foundation in Berlin. Our project succeeded in being chosen best (out of 290 other projects throughout Germany) and being awarded first prize.

The presentation of the award took place in the Berlin Studio of the German TV Channel ZDF. Moreover, the “Brandenburger Tor” Foundation had offered a workshop (“Presentation of projects in the media — hints and tricks”) to the project groups participating in the contest.
This prize was/is tremendously important for us as it appreciated our work up to that moment and was a source of energy for the projects to come.

Thus, it was not just the prize money of 1,500 € that motivates us to engage a firm to do another de-mining project in Sarajevo in 2005.

Brandenburger Tor Foundation