What we do…

Since 2001 “Mine-eX” has been organising events for collecting donations for de-mining and informing about landmines. So far “Mine-eX” has been able to engage de-mining projects for more than 50,000 €.

How does Mine-eX demine in Sarajevo?

Between 2002 and 2004  “Mine-eX” was de-mining via the MAC (Mine Action Center) in Sarajevo. The Center consisting of office containers in the city of Sarajevo started their work in 1996 aiming at a complete de-mining of the country. Whether they will succeed in managing that, remains to be seen and is rather questionable.

The MAC pulls all the strings in all de-mining projects. That means that only the MAC may engage private de-mining firms for de-mining. The MAC decides about the amount, place and period of de-mining projects.

The MAC being actively supported by the UN collects all data of areas de-mined and not de-mined, so that they can permanently draw up updated mine maps for Bosnia and Sarajevo.

40 inter/national de-mining teams, 102 tracker dogs and 17 de-mining machines are available to the well-equipped Center. Not only de-mining itself, but also mine reconnaissance, PR work, care for victims, mine tests, inspection checks and quality control of de-mining teams are some of the activities of the MAC.

Since 2005 “Mine-eX” has been collaborating with the Norwegian organisation  NPA (Norwegian People Aid). The NPA is an organisation having separate de-mining teams and having developed Mine Action Programmes in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1996.

Today in Bosnia the NPA employs 138 people who de-mine manually in 7 de-mining teams, who work in a separate de-mining team with 12 tracker dogs and who work in a de-mining team using 3 different de-mining machines. Additionally, the NPA has 7 medical teams and a technical surveying team.

“Mine-eX” is not merely an organisation collecting donations for de-mining and handing those over to other organisations. We also well-directed select mined areas after consultations with our cooperating partners. People on the spot are supposed to benefit from the de-mining of the areas selected. Therefore, areas near schools, kindergartens and other public institutions and residential areas respectively are given priority.

After having ordered the de-mining of an area, after its completion we try hard to get a personal impression of the area de-mined and document it.

De-mining Projects

  • MAC 2002: 5,000 €
  • MAC 2003: 5,000 €
  • MAC 2004: 15,000 €
  • NPA 2005: 11,000 €
  • NPA 2008: 15,000€